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Video Podcast Setup Video Tutorial

Video Tutorial: Video Podcast Tutorial
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Video Podcast Tutorial Setup Transcript:

Welcome to the FeedForAll Video Podcast creation tutorial.

In this tutorial, we'll be going over how to create a basic Video Podcast.

For information on creating an iTunes Video Podcast, please watch our iTunes Video Podcasting tutorial.

The first step is to run the program, so find your shortcut for FeedForAll and double click on it.

When you first run the program, you'll see this splash screen.

If you would like to purchase the software, left click on the Buy Now button.

If you've already purchased, please watch our FeedForAll registration tutorial.

To continue to use the trial version, left click on Continue.

Once in the program, go to Feed Wizard.

In the first step of the Feed Creation Wizard, left click on Next. In the second step, the wizard will ask what type of feed you would like to create.

There are currently three available options:
Standard RSS Feed, Standard Podcast, and iTunes Video Podcast.

For the purposes of this tutorial, select Standard Podcast, then click on Next.

In the third step, the wizard will ask you for a Feed Title.

Your Feed Title is the overall name of the feed that you would like displayed.

Enter the title for your feed, then click on Next.

In the fourth step, the wizard will ask you for a Feed Description.

Your Feed Description should be a short, concise description of the purpose or content of the feed itself, not the items, which we'll get to later.

After entering the description for your feed, Left click on next. IIn the fifth step, you'll need to give the Feed a link. Most feed links reference your website.

For example, in this tutorial, we'll use our website,

After entering the link to your website, left click on Next.

When you click on Next, you'll see the Item Introduction section.

This is the section we can use to create individual items for our RSS Feed.

So, left click on Next to start the Item Creation wizard. In the first step of the Item Creation Wizard, you'll need to enter a title for the item.

In the space provided, enter a short title for the item.

After entering the title, click on Next.

In the second step, you'll need to enter a short description of the item in the space provided.

After entering a short description of the item, click on Next.

In the third step, it will ask you for the item link.

The item's link should be a URL to a webpage that contains the full version of the information this item represents.

After entering a link, click on Next.

In the fourth step, you'll be asked for the Item Enclosure information.

The Item enclosure information is used to add video files to your Video Podcast.

In first section, the URL, you'll need to give a link to the video component of your Video Podcast.

This should be an video file (avi, mpeg, or other format) that you have already uploaded to your website.

When you upload that audio file to your website, your website will assign that file a URL.

In this example, I've uploaded a sample avi file to my website.

You'll notice that after you enter the URL, the Type will automatically fill in for you.

The Length field does not refer to the video length of the file, it refers to the size of the file in bytes.

If you don't know how to determine the length of a file, here's what you'll want to do:

Locate the audio file on your hard drive.

You may need to download the audio file to your hard drive to do this.

Once you've located the file, right click on it, then left click on properties.

In the properties of the file, you should see the Size field.

This is the number you'll need to enter into the Length field.

Once you've entered the Length, left click on Next.

On the final prompt of the Configuration Wizard, you can either click on Finish to complete the wizard or you can click on Add Item to add a new item with the Item creation wizard.

After you click on Finish, the program will ask you if you would like to save the new feed.

Click on Yes.

A new prompt will come up and it will ask you what you want to name the feed.

This is the file name for the feed and is what will be referenced on your website. Enter a name for the feed, then left click on Save.

This concludes the FeedForAll Video Podcast creation tutorial.

For more information, including tutorials on creating iTunes podcasts, please visit our website,


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