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Subscribe to RSS Video Tutorial

Video Tutorial: Subscribe to RSS Feeds Tutorial
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Subscribe to RSS Feeds Tutorial Transcript:

Welcome to the tutorial on how to subscribe to an RSS Feed.

Before you can subscribe to an RSS feed, you must first have an RSS Reader.

For more information on how to select an RSS Reader, please watch the tutorial for Selecting an RSS Reader on our website,

After you have an RSS Reader, you can then begin to subscribe to RSS Feeds. In this tutorial, I'm going to be using the Firefox RSS Reader and my personal favorite, Snarfer.

Before we begin, there are many different ways to subscribe to an RSS Feed.

I'm going to be showing you two of them.

To subscribe to an RSS Feed in a browser based RSS Reader, you first have to find a feed.

For example, I'm going to browse to our website, In your browser, look for the RSS icon.

In FireFox version 3, the icon is in the address line on the right hand side. When you left click on that icon, you'll see all of the feeds we have available.

Currently in the list are Subscribe to RSS Software and Scripts, Subscribe to RSS Knowledgebase, and Subscribe to FeedForAll News.

If you click on any one of them, it may take the website a few second to respond, but you should see a screen very similar to this show up.

Once in the screen, you have several options.

You can look at the feed as it is without subscribing to it or you can select your method of subscription.

If you click on the dropdown list, you can select Live bookmarks to have Firefox's feed reader subscribe to the feed or you can select an application of your choosing.

For this part of the tutorial, select Live Bookmarks.

Left click on Subscribe Now. Firefox will then ask what you want to name the bookmark and ask you which bookmark location to save it in.

Select your preference, then left click on Subscribe.

When you do, you can now go to your bookmark toolbar or go to Bookmarks, Bookmarks Toolbar and you'll see the feed you've just subscribed to.

Any time new content is posted to this feed, you can find it here.

The other option is to subscribe to a feed using an installed application.

Like I mentioned earlier, I'll be using Snarfer as my installed application for the purposes of this tutorial.

So, go back to your web browser, and go to a site that has feeds.

Again, left click on the RSS icon, then select one of the available feeds.

This time, click on the dropdown list and select your installed RSS Reader.

In my case, I'm going to select Snarfer.

Then left click on Subscribe Now.

When you do, it should take you into your RSS Reading program and auto-fill the Feed Address for you.

Your Feed Reader should also give you the option to select your preference on how you would like the items from the feed displayed.

After subscribing to the feed, it should then appear in your available feeds list and show you a list of the items available in the feed.

Each time you open your feed reader, it will pull in all new items for the feed.

This concludes the tutorial on how to subscribe to an RSS Feed. Please visit our website, , for more tutorials, including how to configure the program to create and post RSS Feeds.


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