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Videocasting Tutorial

Step by Step ... How to include a Video in a Video Podcast Using FeedForAll

Videocasting is simply distributing video content using RSS. The process is suprisingly simple, and by making video content available using RSS, videocasters give listeners more control over what they listen to and when. Also, many podcasts are available for syndication, which increases a broadcasters exposure.

Generally videocasting is helpful for:
1. Tutorials
2. Training (instructional materials)
3. Entertainment
4. Music Videos

Videocasting is simply an RSS feed that contains an video file in the enclosure tag.

The following is a step by step tutorial that explains how to setup your videocast.
Start a new RSS feed

1. Enter a title for the new feed/videocast

2. Enter a collective description of all the video files contained in the videocast.

3. Enter the URL of the website or webpage you want associated with the videocast.

Click the 'Items' tab and then the Add Item Button

4. Enter a title for this specific videocast or video file.

5. Enter a description of what the video file contains.

6. Enter the URL of the website or webpage you want associated with this video file.

7. Click the 'optional tag'

8. Click the 'Enclosure' field a list will automatically drop down.

9. Enter the URL of the video file containing the video content.

10. List the file size of the video file.

11. List video and the format of the video file.
file suggested type
.avi video/x-msvideo
.m4u video/vnd.mpegurl
.m4v video/x-m4v
.mov video/quicktime
.mp4 video/mp4
.mpe video/mpeg
.mpeg video/mpeg
.mpg video/mpeg
.qt video/quicktime

go back to main tab.

12. Save and FTP the feed to your server.

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