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Extension: TrackBack

Extension Name: trackback

Purpose: The RSS TrackBack extends the original "trackback" blogging system developed by MovableType. The Trackback system informs the original works that it has been syndicated. With the TrackBack data embedded in RSS, properly designed software applications can automatically handle the discovery of the TrackBack url and ping it when appropriate.

The name space for TrackBack is defined at

<rss version="2.0" xmlns:trackback="">

Elements: The Trackback namespace has two elements. Both are sub-elements of the item tag.

The trackback:ping is this feed item's TrackBack url.

The trackback:about is the original item that was pinged, letting the original author know that the information was syndicated using a TrackBack.


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<title>FeedForAll Supports TrackBack Extension </title>
<description>TrackBack is a namespace </description>
<trackback:ping> </trackback:ping>
<trackback:about> </trackback:about>
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