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Tips for Blog Posting

Coming up with ideas for new blog posts on a regular basis can be a challenge, even for the most prolific writers. Experience shows that readers tend to favor certain types of posts more than others. Here are some popular types of blog posts that you might want to use for those times when inspiration simply does not strike.


Lists are loved by readers. Top 10 lists, lists of top resources, lists of tools, lists of important dates, etc. Really, just about any type of list will tend to be very popular with blog readers. And you can easily craft lists from popular posts and other resources.


Interview top professionals in your market or niche. Blog posts that contain interviews will frequently generate interest and attention. Additionally, interviews will often be cross-promoted on a related website by the person you interview, which often results in additional backlinks to your site.

Guest Posts

Invite others in your niche or industry to provide a "featured" guest post on your blog. This type of cross-promotion between blogs will often draw followers from the guest poster's blog to yours, and vice versa.


Educational posts and tutorials can also be very popular with blog readers. A "How To..." blog post or a step-by-step tutorial that educates readers will often be well received by your blog followers.


Product or service reviews can also make good fodder for a blog post. Be candid and honest with your assessment in order to retain the trust of your readers.


Informative posts that provide valuable information, or information that is not widely known, can often become quite popular.

Case Studies

Studies that detail exactly how a specific product or technology can resolve a real world problem can also be quite popular. Especially interesting are studies of how someone has discovered a new, creative, and/or unusual way to use a product or service.


Everyone can appreciate a pointer to good resources.


Well-researched blog posts containing industry research or analysis can be enlightening and enjoyable to readers.


Statistical blog posts can be very enlightening. Gather and analyze relevant industry data, and then blog about it.


Blog posts that are comparative in nature can also be quite popular. Compare different software tools, fabric softeners, chocolate chip cookie recipes, or just about anything else under the sun, and share the results with your blog readers.

It is hard to come up with innovative ideas for blog posts day after day. Use the list of post ideas above to help add flavor and interest to your blog.

About the Author:
Sharon Housley manages marketing for FeedForAll software for creating, editing, publishing RSS feeds and podcasts. In addition Sharon manages marketing for RecordForAll audio recording and editing software.