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Syndication Extension

Extension: Syndication

Extension Name: sy

Purpose: The Syndication namespace is designed to give RSS feed readers and aggregators hints as to how often a feed is typically updated.

The name space for Syndication is defined at

<rss version="2.0" xmlns:sy="">

Elements: The Syndication namespace elements contained are only used at the <channel> level.

<sy:updatePeriod> is used to set the interval or units used by the <sy:updateFrequency> elements and is explained in more detail in it's description. Possible values: 'hourly', 'daily', 'weekly', 'monthly', or 'yearly'.

<sy:updateFrequency> is how often the feed is typically updated. This helps some automated systems that access RSS feeds to know when it should check back for updates. The <sy:updateFrequency> and the <sy:updatePeriod> are used together. For example if your RSS feed is typically updated every other week, you would set the <sy:updatePeriod> to 'weekly' and the <sy:updateFrequency> to '2'.

<sy:updateBase> the date and time that the update interval should be calculated from. For example if a feed's <sy:updatePeriod> is 'yearly' and its <sy:updateFrequency> is '1' , the reading application won't know from what date it should use to calculate a year from, to then look for an update. The date/time format is in W3CDTF format (ie. 2006-01-25+14:00+02:00)


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<title>FeedForAll Syndication Namespace Explanation </title>
<description>Syndication is a Namespace Extension</description>
<sy:updatePeriod> weekly </sy:updatePeriod>
<sy:updateFrequency> 1 </sy:updateFrequency>
<sy:updateBase> 2006-01-1+16:00-05:00</sy:updateBase>
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