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Step By Step - Visual Demos

Step by step walk-throughs that will assist users in taking full advantage of all that FeedForAll has to offer.


Starting Feeds
Open an RSS Feed Open existing feed from disk
Download an RSS Feed Download an existing RSS feed from a website
Wizard Create a new feed from scratch

Images in Feeds
Add Graphic add graphical image to your RSS feed
Crop Image crop feed image so that it fits within RSS feed specifications, allows you to trim image.
Flip Image flip image in RSS feed; allows for horizontal or vertical flipping
Rotate Image rotate image in RSS feed; allows for horizontal or vertical flipping
Resize Image resize image in RSS feed so that it suggested size or within RSS specifications

Formatting Feed
Add Link to Feed add text links to RSS feed descriptions
Bold bold the text in the feed description
Underline underline text in feed description
Change Color change the color of the text in the feed's description

Saving & Exporting Feeds
Save Feed Save RSS feeds to disk
Export to CSV, Text or HTML Export feed to .CSV, Text or HTML file

How to Podcast create a podcast

Generate WebPages
ServerSide Include coming soon

Advanced Features
SmartDate coming soon

FeedForAll Skins
Step By Step Skins Four simple steps to change the look of FeedForAll