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08/29/2007 Make Really Simple Syndication Simple
Setting Up Your RSS Feed

Ian Muth, sales manager for, says adding your content to an RSS feed can be as easy as entering the title, description and URL into software offered by his company and other suppliers, and uploading it to a Web server.

Every time you update an item, subscribers will get those updates automatically through their RSS aggregator, Muth says.

Make Really Simple Syndication Simple

08/28/2007 Beginners Guide to RSS
SmallOfficeAustralia Blog has put together a Beginners Guide to RSS. The tutorial includes text explanations and video how to guides.

08/28/2007 377 Top Web 2.0 Applications
377 Best Web 2.0 applications, solutions, to publish better blogs, sites, portals and communities. FeedForAll remains on the list and was proud to be one of the first 200 posted. If you like cutting edge check out the list.

08/15/2007 Blog Tips for Search Engine Optimization
Blogs are the current rage, and many webmasters have blogs but fail to use their blog to its full potential. Blogs provide a steady stream of fresh content, and if this content is written and managed properly, blogs have the ability to increase a website's ranking in the search engines.

Blog Tips for Search Engine Optimization

08/08/2007 Vertical RSS Directory Reminder
There are a lots of topical feed directories for RSS feeds and podcasts. Submit your topical RSS feeds to the following niche feed and podcast directories:

Religious Feeds
Medical Feeds
Educational Feeds
Political Feeds
Security Feeds
Financial Feeds
Sports Feeds
Government Feeds (only government agencies)
Real Estate Feeds

Adding your topical RSS feeds will help target a niche audience and increase the link popularity of your  RSS feeds and podcasts.

08/01/2007 RSS Resource Reminders
Over the years we have assembled some really great resources for RSS and Podcasting. We have often found that people miss an announcment here and there. We thought we would take a moment to highlight some of the FREE RSS related resources that we have made available:

RSS AutoDiscovery Tool - Free tool generates HTML code for autodiscovery of RSS feeds.

RSS Buttons - Create custom RSS buttons for your website.

Educational RSS and Podcasting Articles - Educational articles about RSS and specific usage.

Free RSS2HTML Script - Free PHP script converts RSS feeds to HTML web pages.

Create Social Bookmark Chicklets - Free tool generates chicklets for social bookmarks.

Namespace Directory - Explains RSS namespaces.

Podcasting Graphics - Free collection of podcasting graphics.

iPod Tutorial - Free PDF iPod Tutorial

Detailed Explanation of All RSS Fields - Lists required fields and explains what the values should be.

Mime Types - Detailed list of mime types and proper formats for podcasts.

Short RSS Glossary - Glossary of common words related to RSS feeds.

RSS Knowledgebase- Questions and answers related to RSS.

Podcasting Knowledgebase - Questions and answers related to Podcasting

RSS White Papers - Detailed explanations of how RSS is used within specific industries.

Social Bookmarking Icons - Collection of popular social bookmarking icons.

All of the above resources are available free of charge, please feel free to use them and encourage the spread and adoption of RSS and podcasting.

07/26/2007 Logos for RSS2HTML Templates
If you are in search of logos to use in the RSS2HTML Template directory, take a look at Logo Search. Logos are available for as little as $ 9.95.

07/25/2007 Best Sound Program for 2007
RecordForAll, audio recording and editing software for podcasters, took home top honors at the recent 2007 Shareware Industry Awards ceremony, by recieiving the award for the Best Sound Program. The Shareware Industry Awards are the Oscars of the software industry, recognizing outstanding software programs sold utilizing a marketing method that allows users to try the software prior to making a purchase decision.

The Shareware Industry Awards were announced in an awards ceremony at the Software Industry Conference held in Denver, Colorado.

RecordForAll competed for the coveted prize against ALSong by ESTsoft, D'Accord iChords by DAccord Music Software and Winamp Pro by NullSoft. RecordForAll emerged as the overall winner collecting the largest number of votes in the Best Sound Program category.


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