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09/29/2006 Website Services Gives SQL2RSS Script of the Day
The online website services magazine honored SQL2RSS with Script of the Day.

09/26/2006 SQL2RSS - Convert SQL Database to RSS
Convert MySQL databases to RSS feeds. SQL2RSS , a new PHP script, dynamically generates RSS feeds based on a database query.

The SQL2RSS Script joins the RSS Scripts Directory. Access to the RSS scripts directory is free to all registered users of FeedForAll and FeedForAll Mac, or access can be purchased for $ 29.95.  

09/23/2006 What do RSS Tags Mean?
This handy RSS guide explains what should be contained in the contents of each field and whether that tag is optional or required.

09/23/2006 More New Logo Templates
Additional logo templates have been added to the RSS2HTML Template Directory.

More templates will be added shortly. The current templates work with the free rss2html php script.

09/12/2006 Updated RSS Scripts
The RSS Cache Script has been updated, and the RSSmesh script has been updated. The new updates to both script verify the length of the data read from the cache file is the same as the cache file. This resolves any conflicts if the server  does not return correct data.

09/07/2006 New Podcasting Knowledgebase
The RSS Knowledgebase has been such a great success that we have created a podcasting knowledgebase. Just like the RSS knowledgebase the podcasting knowledgebase has an RSS feed that users can subscribe to.

09/06/2006 iTunes Preview
We have received a number of questions about the feature enhancements in the beta version of FeedForAll so I thought I would take a moment to give you a look at some of these enhancements.

Above is a template that can be used to preview an iTunes podcast made with FeedForAll will look like in the iTunes Music store.

09/05/2006 New Logo Templates in RSS2HTML Template Directory
We have just added a selection of logo templates to RSS2HTML Template Directory. These new templates take the professional look a step further by adding a logo. The RSS2HTML template directory is designed to assist users of the rss2html.php script display the contents of their RSS feed in a graphically pleasing way.

Access to the directory is available for $ 29.95. Once a subscription is purchased any number of templates can be downloaded for an unlimited amount of time. New templates are added on a regular basis.

08/28/2006 NEW FeedForAll v2 Beta Release
A new version of FeedForAll beta has been released. This new (long awaited version) incorporates a number of new features that were requested by FeedForAll users.

This beta release has invloved a huge amount of behind-the-scenes changes/updates/enhancements that will allow us to add several handy new features and enhancements in the near future.

The highlights of the new version includes:

A new feed validation feature, so your feed can be validated in real time.
Added a preview capability with optional templates so you can view an items content as it would appear in a reader or on a website.
Integrated namespace support, simply follow the fields to add iTunes and other popular namespaces.
Integrated support for CSS stylesheets
Improved WYSWIG HTML editor.
Hot key macros for common editing features.
Ability to auto-generated Item GUIDs
Auto detect mime types, simply enter the file in the enclosure field and FeedForAll determines the appropriate file type
Improved wizards for beginners!

Check out the FeedForAll Beta or download now!

As always, we greatly appreciate any and all feedback from our beta testers, so don't be shy.


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