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Will FeedForAll Run on Windows 7?

Will FeedForAll Run on Windows version 7?


1) Download the latest installation file for FeedForAll from our website:

2) When asked if you want to run or save it, you want to Save it to the Desktop.

3) After the installation file has downloaded, minimize and/or close everything until you can see the desktop.

4) Right click on the feedforall.exe file you downloaded.

5) Select the "Run as Administrator" option.

6) Click on the Install FeedForAll option.

7) Click on Next on the first step.

8) Click on Next on the second step.

9) Click on Browse on the third step.

10) In the upper left hand corner, change c:\program files\notepage\feedforall\ to c:\feedforall\

11) Click on OK.

12) Click on Next.

13) Click on Next until the installation finishes.

14) Click on Finish.

Now that we have the program installed, before you run the program for the first time, do this:

15) Right click on the Shortcut to FeedForAll.

16) Left click on Properties.

17) Go under the Compatability Tab.

18) Enable the Compatability for Windows XP Service Pack 2.

19) Click on OK.

20) Right click on the shortcut to FeedForAll.

21) Left click on the Run as Administrator option.

That should do it but if you have any problems, let us know.

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