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How Do I Brand My Feed?

We are all about brand.  I would like to integrate our brand into our RSS feed. Any suggestions?

In order to use your RSS feed to reinforce or build your brand you should consider doing the following:

1. Add your corporate image to your RSS feed. If you are using FeedForAll follow these simple steps to add your logo to your feed.

2. Use images in the description of your RSS feed. Images help reinforce identity and make your RSS feed jump out. Be aware that most RSS readers use smaller windows so the graphics should be tasteful but relatively small. This will ensure that your readers see the graphic but it does not slow your feeds load time.

3. Be sure that you use a favicon on your website. Many of the RSS directories like: RSS Network, Sports Feeds, and  Political Feedsuse the websites favicon beside the feed listing. Having a related favicon will help reinforce your brand. If you need to create a favicon use this free favicon tool.

4. Host your RSS feed on your website do not use a third party as this too will help reinforce your branding.

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