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Am I Legally Responsible for Comments Posted to My Blog?

Can I be sued for comments posted on my blog? Are there any legal ramifications if something not true is posted?

Great question. You should always vet all of your information to make sure that what you post is accurate and truthful. It only takes one incorrect blog post or rss feed item to damage your reputation as a credible source.

Technically you are not liable for blog comments/forum posts on your site posted by others. You are responsible and liable for comments that you make, but it is very difficult to prosecute or pursue, primarily because of jurisdiction. The Internet is global and there is not one single governing force. Not only is the location of the blogger/poster a factor but the  location of the web host and the laws that govern their locations are a factor.

This article does a good job of explaning defamation, libel, and slander.

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