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What is the Benefit to Prepublishing Items in a Feed?

I have seen the FutureRSS script that allows you to prepublish items in your RSS feed but I do not understand why that is beneficial. Why would you want to prepublish feed items?

There are a number of reasons you might want to pre-publish feed items. Many RSS feeds contain information that is not time sensitive, for example if you are software developer and you might have an RSS feed about software tips, the information does not become dated, as a news story would. Prepublishing items allow you to load the feed up with a number of tips, rather than having to add one tip each day.

The FutureRSS script makes it so that you readers only see the items that dates have passed. Another advantage to RSS is that you can take a vacation, you can preload a blog with a weeks worth of items and have one item released each day.

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