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Should I Provide Full or Partial Content Feeds?

I have read about different opinions that relate to full or partial content feeds. What is your opinion should publishers provide full content or partial content in their RSS feeds?

There is no right or wrong answer here. Many readers prefer full content feeds, but providing full content feeds, makes it much easier for someone to replicate (and benefit) from the feeds contents through syndication. My personal approach is that I consider the content that is being provided, would their be a benefit to having the feeds full contents displayed on another companies website or would it be a disadvantage. If the feed contains press releases or newsletters, I'm thrilled by the idea that it could be syndicated and I am sure to include the full text. Other types of content I'm leary or less eager to syndicate, so I create partial content feeds.

Please do not take this post to mean that regardless of copyrights others have the right to syndicate feeds, right or wrong webmasters/publishers need to realize that there feeds may be republished/syndicated with or without their expressed permission.

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