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What is Auto-Discovery?

Ok, apparently some readers were not correctly interpreting the auto discovery tags so I've revised this post to make it easier for all readers to view the contents:

I have heard the term auto-discovery, but I don't quite understand what auto-discovery is and why I should use it?

Auto-discovery allows people with certain RSS readers to automatically detect that an RSS feed exists for the content contained on the webpage.

How do I implement auto-discovery on my web page?

It is really very simple, all you need to do is include one line of code in your web page header. This will make it easy for people to subscribe to your RSS feed.

[link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="Feed Title" href="" /]

Use greater than and less than instead of brackets <>.

The value of title should be the title of your RSS feed, this really should relate to the feeds contents and not just be an ambiguous "My Feed".

The link should link directly to your RSS feed on your website.

If you are not using RSS but Atom you will need to change the 'type' to "application/atom+xml" (note: FeedForAll software produces RSS)

By adding the above to your website many browsers and aggregators will automatically detect an RSS feed. FireFox, Safari and IE 7 all support feed autodiscovery.

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