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Our Content is Timely Is That a Problem?

I am interested in getting my company to publish a feed as well. But, one of  the concerns is that some of the content we publish is time sensitive (only  good for a week or so). I know that search engines are grabbing RSS Feeds and adding the content to their database. My concern is that an offer that might go out via RSS will get indexed and be displayed as a link in the search engine long after the offer is expired. We can on our site mention the offer is expired but I am concerned about how that will effect our  customer experience.

A number of people use feeds for time sensitive information like
classifieds, discounts, specials, limited time offers or even news headlines. Its something that search engines are adjusting to and just as coupons expire people understand that some content is time-sensitive it may encourage them to react quicker and read frequently so they don't miss offers or opportunities. I would give it a try and see what kind of reaction you receive. If you are constantly refreshing the content you will find the search engines will spider the pages more frequently so they are displaying current information.

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