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How Do I Automatically Make an RSS Feed?

I am looking for an RSS feed...but additionally I am looking for an automatic one which gets updated with having to copy and paste.

The are "scrapers" that will scrape the contents of an HTML webpage and attempt to create a feed. Though because they don't have indicators of where an item should begin and end and what classifies as a title and description, they are not always accurate.

Many people create the RSS feed in FeedForAll then use the free rss2html.php script which will automatically update
the web page. So the content is created in FeedForAll, and the website dynamically updates as the feed is updated.

If you have a lot of existing content you could try using a scraper and then fix any errors using an RSS editing tool like FeedForAll (oryou could just cut and paste old entries as I mentioned before, and create new entries using FFA).

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