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Do You Know of a Web Reader?

I've been looking for an RSS Reader application that I can add to my website and let my visitors read website content related RSS news.  I'm a little confused by the term web based.  I assume web based doesn't mean you can upload the application to your web site

I think there is some confusion. An RSS reader would allow you to subscribe to a collection of feeds, as those feeds update your reader would show the new items. There are desktop readers like FeedDemon, and web based readers like Awasu, FeedScout and Active Web Reader, but the web readers are not designed to display feeds on a website. They are designed for personal viewing of feeds. After a feed is viewed it is marked as read similar to an email client, so its really not conducive to  group use.

If you just wish to display the feed on your website you can use rss2html.  A free PHP script.

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