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The RSS2HTML Pro is an add on script that expands the functionality of the RSS2HTML script.


The RSS2HTML Pro add on script expands the functionality of RSS2HTML by allowing publishers and webmasters to dynamically create an index of feed items. The RSS2HTML Pro script dynamically generates a separate web page for each item contained in the RSS feed. The script also creates an index of feed items as a separate web page.

As with the RSS2HTML script the web pages dynamically update as the feed's item changes, meaning that the information displayed is always current. Additionally the contents of the web pages is able to be spidered by search engines.
rss2html pro
RSS + PHP = 2 HTML Pages

Scripts Directory Access
scripts directory grants access to all RSS scripts currently in the scripts directory
rss scripts directory

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*free for registered FeedForAll or FeedForAll Mac users. All others must purchase script directory access.
more information on merging feeds

RSS2H2ML Pro System Requirements:
Server webserver that supports PHP