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Royalty Free Tracks

Sound effects are an important part of entertainment, often comprising an integral part of vidoes, games, podcasts, movies, and animations. However, the costs and conditions associated with acquiring and using sound effects may be prohibitive for many rising creators of media. Thankfully, royalty free tracks offer an alternative to media producers on a budget.

Royalty free sound effect tracks can be used by anyone. Not only are they legal to use, but in most cases they may be edited, looped, or manipulated by overlaying additional tracks to create another sound.

As their name suggests, royalty free tracks come without the burden of paying a royalty to a track's creator for each use of their track. However, some royalty free tracks may come with a one-time, up-front cost to purchase the right to use the track without limit. Even if money is a concern, such tracks can be a great investment, particularly if they are high quality.


If conserving funds is a priority, royalty free tracks are also available free of cost. These tracks include sound effects in the public domain, meaning that they are not copyrighted or that their copyright has expired. The use of public domain tracks is therefore unrestricted. If you opt to use a public domain track, be sure that it is not, in fact, copyrighted before doing so; even if you cannot find a copyright notice for a given track, it may still be copyrighted.

When looking for royalty free tracks, you should bear in mind that you are unlikely to be able to download and use the latest tracks by major artists; such tracks are well protected, and are not available to the average podcaster or rising producer of other media. A variety of other, high quality royalty free tracks can be used in their stead, but be prepared to search; free tracks of lesser quality are often easier to come by.

While often overlooked, sound effects are a very important part of the majority of today's media. If it is not evident when they are present, their importance certainly becomes obvious when they are absent from a production. Royalty free tracks are a great way to allow producers on any budget to make their work complete.

About the Author:
Sharon Housley manages marketing for FeedForAll software for creating, editing and publishing RSS feeds and NotePage a wireless text messaging software.