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RSS Solutions for Religious Organizations

FeedForAll helps Religious Organizations communicate with the general public about services. Churches can podcast sermons to reach a further audience, by spreading the word over the Internet.


RSS Feeds can be by Churches to:


Sermons - Make feeds with information related to open house schedules, use RSS as an alternative avenue for advertising property listings.

Special Events - Create RSS feeds with special events so that interested community members are aware of events.

Bible Study - Create RSS feeds with specifics related to bible study groups to supplement weekly meetings and discussions.

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Sample RSS Feeds:

10/9 Sermon - Rise Up to The Lord

The teachings of the Lord are no more evident than when reading the scriptures. It is through these scriptures that we are able to fully appreciate the Lord's message.

Craft Sale - fund raiser
On Sunday their will be a craft fair to raise money for new hymnals for the boys choir.

Choir Practice Changed

Due to an unexpected an event Choir Practice will be cancelled this week and will resume next week at the regularly scheduled time.


Software to create, edit an publish RSS feeds:


Easily create, edit and publish RSS feeds. RSS is the standard for content distribution and syndication. Law enforcement can create feeds to keep the public informed about safety issues.


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Campus Crusade for Christ
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Cavalry Community Church
Central Assembly of God
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Christian Faith Fellowship
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Crossway Church
CrossView Christian Church
Daily Disciples Ministries
Disciple Web Ministries
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Faith Community Church
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Florida Baptist Witness
G3 Worship Music
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Gods Opens Doors
Gospel for Asia
Grace Church
Greater Orlando Baptist Association
Harvest Bible Chapel
Hastings Bible Church
Heartsong Church
Highland Church of Christ
Hilltop Baptist Church
Holy Ground Worship Center
Hope Missionary Church
House of Faith
Hurstbourne Baptist Church

Juneau Christian Center
Keystone Church
Koza Baptist Church
Liberty Church
Living Word Church
Living Word Audio Ministry
Marathon Church
Metro Life Worship Center
Metroplex Family Church
Ministerios Tiempo de Dios
Moline Gospel Temple
Mosaic Community Church
National Catholic Reporter
Nazarene Bible College
New Beginnings Church
New Community Church
Next Level Worship
North Pole Worship Center
NorthRidge Church
Northside Baptist Church
Northwest Bible Church
Pacific Life Bible College
Peace Lutheran Church
Pottstown Bible Church
Presbyterian College
Quiet Time Ministries
Redwood Gospel Mission
Salem Lutheran Church
Sanctuary Ministries Church
Simply Youth Ministry
SRL Ministries
TeleWorship Corporation
The Anglican Church of Canada
The Christian Broadcasting Network
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United Theological Seminary
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