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RSS Solutions for Publishers

FeedForAll helps publishers communicate with listeners and viewers.


RSS Feeds can be by publishers to present:

- Create an RSS feed to communicate new articles.

Publishing Schedules
- Create an RSS feed to tell viewers the publishing schedule.

News Feeds - Create XML news feeds to tell readers the latest publishing news.

Calendar of Events - Create news feeds to communicate publishing events.
Sample RSS Feeds:

New Book Release

8:00 PM
Gather for a book signing at Borders books.

New Contract for Random House

Random House has agreed to a new digital distirbution contaract.

Calendar of Events - Oprah
Oprahs book club has chosen a new book for the month of May.
Software to create, edit an publish RSS feeds:


Easily create, edit and publish RSS feeds. RSS is the standard for content distribution and syndication. Law enforcement can create feeds to keep the public informed about safety issues.


Sampling of Publishing Companies Using FeedForAll:

Andromeda Publishing LLC
Bitwise Magazine
Bonnier Business Publishing
Business Week
Canada Free Press
Chicago Publishing
CMP Media
Contacto Magazine
Crabtree Publishing
Deependable Publishing Ltd
Double Head Publishing
Earthrise Marketing and Publishing, LLC
EbizWhiz Publishing
Eclipse Magazine
Educators Publishing Service
Emerald Group Publishing
Environment News Service
Evaluseek Publishing
ERRI/EmergencyNet News
Findlay Publishing Co
Future Publishing
Global Financial Publishing
Great Western Publishing
Harvard Law Review
Hearst Magazines
Highstreet Advertising
Imagine Publishing Ltd
Joffee Publishing Inc
Kilbaha Multimedia Publishing
KSR Publishing
LensWork Publishing
Longwoods Publishing
McGraw-Hill Publishing
MCM Publishing Ltd
Media Maker Publishing Ltd
Mintaka Publishing
National Geographic Society

Oak Tree Press
October Publishing
Ohio News Alert
Olinations Publishing
PB Publishing
PC Magazine
Philadelphia Newspapers Inc
Pine Tree Publishing
Random House
Readers Digest Association
Roanoke Times and World News
SLG Publishing
Sound and Fury Productions
SP Productions
The Information & Technology
Publishing Co. Ltd
Pusch Ridge Publishing
Slate Magazine
Synapse Medical Publishing Inc
The Washington Post
University of California Press
Vanderbell Publishing Ltd
Veloce Publishing Ltd
Vondrak Publishing
YES! magazine
Wall Street Examiner
Warm Snow Publishers
Warner Bros Entertainment, Inc.
WashingtonPost Newsweek Interactive
Webcom Communications
Wheelhouse Publishing
Windows Magazine
World Magazine
Zenith International Publishing