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Turn RSS Feeds Into a Search Engine Friendly Web Page

Hanover, MA - August, 2005 - Turn your RSS feeds into a search engine friendly html web page using RSS2HTML.php, a free PHP script from the makers of FeedForAll. NotePage has just released a new rss2html.php script that allows webmasters to display RSS feeds on their websites. The content displayed on the website, contains the most recent entries from the requested RSS feed, and because the resulting page is pure HTML, it will be displayed in a format friendly to search engine robots.

The new rss2html.php script helps webmasters syndicate content contained in RSS feeds. Using rss2html.php webmasters can customize the format and look of the web page created from the RSS feed. The RSS feed's contents can easily be integrated into an existing website's theme. The rss2html.php script parses the RSS file, extracts the pertinent information, formats it, and serves it up as regular HTML.

The new version of rss2html.php has new options to allow it to run on secure web servers. It can be run on any webserver that can run PHP scripts, and it support feeds in the RSS 2.0, 1.0, .93, .92, .91, and .90 format. The new version optionally uses curl rather than fopen, to address any security concerns that webmasters might have.

Additional details and a download for the free script can be found at

The new rss2html.php script is available from NotePage, Inc., developers of the popular RSS feed software, FeedForAll. FeedForAll's software enables webmaster to create, edit, manage and publish RSS feeds. A free fully-functional 30-day trial of FeedForAll is available for download from

For more information contact, NotePage, Inc. at PO Box 296, Hanover, MA 02339. Phone: 781-829-0500. Fax: 781-582-1869. E-mail: . Internet: .

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About NotePage, Inc.

NotePage, Inc. is a Hanover, Massachusetts company specializing in communication software solutions. In addition to rss2html.php they market (1) FeedForAll, a windows desktop RSS feed and podcast editing tool (2) FeedForAll Mac, a Macintosh application for feed creation and editing (3) rss2html.php a script for converting RSS feeds to html web pages. (4) PageGate, a network paging and SMS gateway that allows for text or SMS messages to be sent via a number of interfaces, and (5) NotePager Pro, a desktop application that sends messages to pagers, cellular phones, and PIMs.