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RSS Education Center for Webmasters

RSS Education Center for Webmasters

Hanover, MA
- February 2010 - NotePage, Inc., creators of the popular "FeedForAll" RSS feed editor and the RSS2HTML script, have launched a new RSS Education Center. The RSS learning center is designed to assist new RSS users, as well as experienced users, in adopting the RSS technology in a meaningful way. The RSS Education Center includes educational articles, video tutorials, RSS tools, and support resources, all in an easy-to-navigate section of the FeedForAll website.

The RSS Education Center is designed to teach the intricacies of RSS feeds and podcasting, in simple and easy-to-understand terms. NotePage, Inc. has always been proactive about RSS education, and assembling these resources in an easy-to-use learning center made sense to further the adoption of RSS and Podcasting. The resource is freely available to all, and can be accessed at

For more information contact, NotePage, Inc. at PO Box 296, Hanover, MA 02339. Phone: 781-829-0500. Fax: 781-582-1869. E-mail: . Internet:

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About NotePage, Inc.
NotePage, Inc. is a Hanover, Massachusetts company specializing in communication software solutions. They market (1) FeedForAll, a windows desktop RSS feed and podcast editing tool (2) FeedForAll Mac, a Mac desktop RSS feed and podcast creation tool (3) rss2html.php a script for converting RSS feeds to html web pages. (4) RSS Scripts Directory, a directory of PHP scripts for managing RSS feeds and podcasts (5) PageGate, a network paging and SMS gateway that allows for text or SMS messages to be sent via a number of interfaces, and (6) NotePager Pro, a desktop application that sends messages to pagers, cellular phones, and PIMs.