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RSS Solutions for Politicians

FeedForAll helps Politicians communicate with the general public about their positions on various issues. Feeds can also help keep the community aware about political schedules, speeches and related events.


RSS Feeds can be by politicians to:

- Create RSS feeds for blogs to communicate with a wider audience.

Speaking Engagements
- Make feeds to communicate travel schedule and speaking engagements.

- Create feeds to communicate political statements and positions on news worthy issues.
Sample RSS Feeds:

4/18 Senate Budget Appropriations
Meeting 1:00 PM Committee Room 4, 1st Floor, State House Annex, Trenton, NJ. The Committee will receive testimony on the benefits of state adoption of the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement, the changes its adoption would entail in New Jersey, and State revenue implications.

Table Spector #3706 Agreed
Motion to Table Specter Amdt. No. 3706; To provide the National Intelligence Director with the authority to supervise, direct, and control all elements of the intelligence community performing national intelligence missions.

House Closed Due to Security Breach
Due to a security breach the state house will be closed in the hours preceding the joint session.
Software to create, edit an publish RSS feeds:


Easily create, edit and publish RSS feeds. RSS is the standard for content distribution and syndication. Law enforcement can create feeds to keep the public informed about safety issues.


Sampling of Politicians using FeedForAll:

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London Labour Party
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