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Personal Namespace Extension

Extension: Personal Namespace Extension

Purpose: The RSS specification allows you to create and use your own custom elements (tags) in any RSS feed, by declaring your own namespace. Doing this is 100% in line with the RSS specification and the feed will validate. However, you should have a specific and well-planned reason to do so. No RSS readers, or other RSS processing applications will be able to use your custom info for any purpose.

Adding elements (tags) would typically only be used in an in-house solution where the writing application and the reading application have prior knowledge of the new tags.

Declaration: First you will want to create a namespace declaration for your new custom namespace. In FFA, go to the 'Feeds' tab, and then to the 'Extensions' tab. Hit the '+' button to bring up the 'Add Namespace Declaration' screen. Enter a name for your namespace (typically a short abbreviation), and a DTD URL. The DTD URL must be a valid URL, but it doesn't really matter what webpage it points to.

It must be unique from all the other namespace DTD URLs, but a valid DTD document at that location, is not required. The RSS specification does not require a valid DTD document to exist, for the namespace declaration to be valid. What is important is that the namespace name and DTD url be unique. After you accept your changes (the check mark button), a new tab will appear under the 'Extensions' tab for the feed, image, and all your items.

Because the new namespace is not recognized as a 'well supported' namespace by FFA, you will be required to enter raw XML in your new namespace tabs, with the data you wish to use. At this point you can pretty much make up the tag names you want to use (prefixed with your namespace name and a colon). Just make sure you use valid XML syntax (ie. close the tags you open, etc.) For example, if I wanted to create a new namespace for our in-house use here, I might to something like this:

Namespace Name: ffa
Namespace DTD URL:

Sample XML in new ffa extension tab:
<rss version="2.0" xmlns:ffa=" ">

Elements: Sample date addition to namespace