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FeedForAll Partner Program

FeedForAll's Partner program is for software developers that have complimentary product lines. By becoming a partner we are able to utilize resources to co-promote partner applications.


Benefits to becoming an FeedForAll partner:

co-promotion opportunities
bundling opportunities
cross promotion opportunities in newsletters/blogs
publicity and press exposure
exposure on ancilliary site sponsored by NotePage
product sneak peaks
valuable leads and referrals in your area of expertise
promotion on a network of 3rd party sites


As a FeedForAll partner you will be eligible for featured promotion on the industry specific and software specific sites sponsored by NotePage that are deemed appropriate.

RSS Software Portals managed by NotePage, Inc. include:

RSS Specifications - everything RSS
Make RSS Feeds - how to site for creating feeds
Blog Connection - everything blogs
RecordForAll - audio recording software


What is Involved In Becoming A Partner
What are the benefits?

We will provide exposure on the FeedForAll site and ancillary sites.
What is the benefit to FeedForAll? We are interested in newsletter exchanges and co-promotional opportunities, including links on websites or mentions in blogs or even possible cooperative marketing efforts with shared expenses.
Can I be a Partner and an Affiliate? Absolutely!
How long does it take? Send us an email with your product details. We will review and test your application. If the application is appropriate and meets our standards we will create a partner profile. We will have you approve the profile and then begin co-promotion efforts.

All partner applications will be tested. If you are interested in becoming a FeedForAll Partner contact us