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10/31/2005 Jake Ludington's Review from MediaBlab
Jake Ludington wrote a fabulous review and tutorial for FeedForAll.

"It is possible to hand code RSS and manually update the file each time you upload a new audio file, but the opportunity for error makes using software a safer bet. The solution I prefer, FeedForAll, works well for both IIS and Apache hosted Websites. Below I walk through how to publish and update a podcast RSS feed using FeedForAll."

10/26/2005 FeedForAll Mac v1.5 Officially Launched
A new version of FeedForAll Mac has been released. FeedForAll Mac's new version includes the following:

* The iTunes extension to RSS 2.0 feeds is now fully supported:
   - The iTunes fields are available as data entry fields, just like the standard RSS 2.0 fields in your feed.
   - The iTunes fields are supported in Preferences so you don't  have to retype the same information for every new feed or item.
   - The "Feed Wizard" supports the full set of iTunes fields.
   - The new "Item Wizard" supports the full set of iTunes fields.

* Extensions (XML Namespaces) have been completely redone to make it easier to work with extensions that are not yet fully supported by FeedForAll Mac.

* The "Feed Wizard" has been enhanced to assist the user in creating common feed types by only providing the required fields for the chosen feed type.

* The new "Item Wizard" is now available for users that prefer to be  guided step by step when creating new items.

* The FTP upload has been completely redone:
   - A new "Browse" feature has been added.  This allows users to  connect to their FTP server and through an intuitive interface to select the correct path for uploading.
   - Uploading has been significantly sped up.  The addition of  "Browse" removed the need of the 3-stage upload process that assisted in finding where files were uploaded to.

* The WYSIWYG has new tools for text alignment, such as -- Left,  Center, Right and Fill.

* All data entry fields have access to the online help via the Help key on the keyboard.

* Drag-n-drop install.  FeedForAll Mac now is able to be installed  anywhere on your computer by dragging it from the installation disk image to a location of your choice.

Complete FeedForAll Mac Release Notes

10/26/2005 Great Idea for RSS Content
A site in Australia has created RSS feeds containing restaurant reviews, and specials. Best Restaurants offers RSS feeds for the latest restaurants, restaurant specials and featured specials for Australian restaurants. Great idea!

10/25/2005 FeedForAll Newsletter
Check out the latest FeedForAll Newsletter.  Lots of beta test opportunities, announcements and articles.

If you prefer the newsletter/article RSS feed is available.

10/13/2005 2nd Beta of FeedForAll Mac Relased
A second FeedForAll Mac Beta has been released. The new beta version includes support for the following:

* iTunes support added to the Feed Wizard
* A new feature is the "Item Wizard". The item wizard allows adding
new items to an existing feed with the "wizard" interface.

10/05/2005 FeedForAll Mac Beta Release
The beta of FeedForAll Mac  v1.5 has been released

We are very pleased to present this newest version of our FeedForAll client software for Mac OS X. It reflects the strong commitment of NotePage, Inc. to our loyal Mac users.

What's New in Beta Version 1.5

FeedForAll's Mac OS Team thrives to improve their software product by enhancing existing features and adding new features keeping the program as easy to use as possible.

We are pleased to present the following new features in this beta release:
* Extensions (XML Namespaces) have been completely redone and iTunes is now fully supported;
* Capabilities to allow browsing directories and files on the remote FTP server in FTP upload;
* The WYSIWYG window has been slightly modified, as well as adding format alignment features such as -- Left, Center, Right and Fill; and
* The layout of XML Source editor has changed. System Requirements

More Info

09/20/2005 Security and RSS
As RSS gains momentum security fears loom large. As publishers are quickly finding innovative uses for RSS feeds, hackers are taking notice. The power and extendibility of RSS in its simplest form is also its achilles heel. The expansion capabilities of the RSS specification, specifically the "enclosure" field which has launched the podcasting phenomenon, is where the vulnerabilities lie.

RSS Security

09/14/2005 Feedback on FeedForAll v2.0 Beta
We are receiving great feedback on the FeedForAll v2.0 beta. Specifically the users seem to appreciate the built in support for iTunes and namespaces as well as the support for all languages. Please feel free to post comments in the forum, as there will be one more beta release before the final release and we would love to hear your thoughts.

09/12/2005 Donations
As has become the tradition the last 4 years, 100% of NotePage's sales on September 11th were donated to a charity. This year we were pleased to donate to the ASPCA Disaster Relief fund. Thanks to all customers who have helped us, reach the level we can do this.

09/07/2005 Ego Searches and RSS
Ego searches are free and simple searches designed to monitor blogs and news portals for mentions of your company, product, competitors or other specific keywords. Conducting ego searches not only allows you to stay informed, but also allows you to maintain a strategic advantage over competing companies. A number of new Internet services are freely available that make these 'ego searches' painless and easy.

Ego Searches and RSS

09/06/2005 FeedForAll v2.0 Beta Released
This beta release consists of some major work behind the scenes, making FeedForAll Unicode, UTF-8, and RSS Namespace compatible. What this means in non-geek speak, is that FeedForAll 2.0 can be used to maintain RSS feeds in any language. It also now supports all Rss 2.0 namesspace extensions, like iTunes.

At least one more beta release will be made available before the version 2.0 final release. It will contain many of the other features we plan to add into the 2.0 release.

As always, we greatly appreciate any and all feedback from our beta testers, so don't be shy.

FeedForAll 2.0 Beta1 download location:

FeedForAll v2.0 Beta1 Release Notes

Known Issues
- Several new features for release version of 2.0 not added yet
- No new documentation (V 1.0 docs included)
- Many minor cosmetic issues to be cleaned up
- Preference screens need to be added for namespaces
- Export routines need to be updated to catch up with rs2html.php

Build (V 2.0 Beta1)
- Full unicode support (support for all languages in feeds)
- UTF-8 support
- Generic Namespace support for all namespaces
- Full iTunes namespace support
- Stylesheet support
- XML comment support
- Improved WYSIWYG HTML Editor
- Improved color picker
- Links can now be set to open a new brower window
- Images can be inserted, and made into links
- Search/Replace added
- Greatly improved HTML parsing - many more tags supported
- Improved feed loading speed
- Improved FTP logging
- FTP browsing for upload
- Improved preference screen navigation
- Search/Replace added to source viewer


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