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11/29/2005 Measuring RSS
Measuring and tracking RSS while a fairly simple concept, is really anything but. Unlike websites, RSS have the added caveat of potential syndication, making accurate tracking a challenge to anyone but the extremely tech savvy. It is not unrealistic for marketers to want to know how many subscribers they have, which items in their feeds attract the most interest, or how many click-throughs are generated as a result of an RSS feed.

There are a number of 3rd party providers who focus on tracking the consumption of RSS feeds. Some solutions are rudimentary but likely sufficient for a small business testing the waters with RSS. Other RSS tracking solutions are more complex and while they can come close to being accurate, with syndication there is no solution that tracks with 100% accuracy.

Measuring RSS

11/25/2005 Give the Gift of RSS and FeedForAll
Have someone difficult to buy for? Consider giving the gift of FeedForAll. Perfect for techie types who have an interest in new technology! CDs are available for $ 49.95!

11/22/2005 Bi-Directional RSS
Microsoft introduced a new RSS 2.0 extension. The new extension named - Simple Sharing Extensions for RSS or SSE. The idea is to make RSS optionally a bi-directional communication medium.

11/14/2005 Extending With a Personal Namespace
There is a great thread in the FeedForAll forum that details how to create a personal namespace to extend RSS v2.0.

11/09/2005 Mondays Mac Gadget is FeedForAll Mac
John F. Braun from the MacObserver did a great piece on FeedForAll Mac.

FeedForAll Mac is an RSS file creator which helps you create an RSS file that is compatible with a number of applications, from news aggregation to Podcast feed definitions. For those who want to dig into the nuts and bolts of RSS, you can use the Download Feed feature to download an existing feed file and examine the pieces. FeedForAll organizes the elements of a feed into both required elements, which you must provide, and optional elements, which can add to the usefulness of your feed file.

Complete Review of FeedForAll Mac on MacObserver

11/01/2005 FeedForAll Mac Release Announcement
NotePage is pleased to announce a new release of FeedForAll Mac. FeedForAll Mac is designed to help publishers create, edit and publish RSS feeds and podcasts. The new release of FeedForAll Mac fully supports Apple iTunes extensions, giving publishers and easy way to create iTune compatible podcasts.

Software to Create, Edit and Publish RSS feeds and Podcasts on a Mac


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