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Company Name: The Limes Consultancy

Company Description: The Limes Consultancy provides financial and management advice to growing businesses where there isn't a fully developed financial function within the business. Typically clients are entrepreneurs who have developed their business and now realise that they need expertise and external assistance. Working as a part of the management team TLC integrates with existing management and utilises its 30 plus years of experience to grow and add value to these businesses. Working on a part time basis until such time as the business needs full time support, when the role changes and becomes more of a mentoring one to the new incumbant, providing continuity for the business and also a very cost effective way of tapping into a wealth of experience.

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Using RSS: The Limes Consultancy uses Feed ForAll to create its XML feed. TLC has been producing a monthly newsletter for just under 1,000 subscribers for several years now , but with the advent of increasingly sophisticated anti-virus and spamware there has been a growing trend of filters rejecting the newsletters, so they needed to find a way of providing the newsletters in a different format. RSS seemed to be an obvious choice since it is based on "pull" rather than "push" technology, FeedForAll takes away any hassle in creating the XML files necessary for the RSS readers.


Quotes: "Not only is the creation of the RSS feed easy using FeedForAll, but it has also relieved a great deal of administration work by removing the need to monitor and maintain the subscriber database, which in TLC's case was not automated."

"As one of your subscribers who participated in the beta testing, when I came accross a problem, your support team were pretty tireless in making sure that the problem was resolved and the product amended to ensure that the problem did not recur. Courteous, persistent, polite and understanding of non-techies, you seem to have found a winning formula."


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