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06/29/2005 Final FeedForAll Mac Beta Launched
The final FeedForAll Mac beta has been launched. The latest beta includes a built in WYSIWYG editor and feed wizard. FeedForAll Mac is designed to function the same as FeedForAll but is specificallly for Macs.

System requirements are:
Mac OS X 10.3.9 or newer
10 MB free disk space

More info on FeedForAll Mac Beta

06/28/2005 Podcasting Station Launched; New Searchable Podcast Directory
Podcasting Station is a new categorized directory of podcasts. The new site at makes it easy for individuals or businesses curious about podcasts, to find the latest podcast feeds in a single convenient and easy to navigate location.

Similar podcasts are grouped under general topic headings. Each topic contains podcast titles and descriptions. A search feature allows web surfers to search for podcasts using keywords and phrases. The flexible search options gives web surfers the ability to search for specific podcasts of interest.

Information contained in the Podcasting Station directory covers a huge range of audio content, from humor and news to foreign language instruction and sports interviews.

The intention of Podcasting Station is to provide a convenient resource that unites the podcasting community making it easy for consumers and industry professionals to locate podcasts and information that they are seeking.

Podcasting Station is sponsored by FeedForAll!

06/21/2005 The Next Big Thing
Well that would be FeedForAll, right? :-)

TechWeb's Contests
Here's your third of four chances to win an iPod or 36 other prizes in the Great Tech Call-'Em-Like-You-See-'Em Contest. Weigh in and win!

Welcome to Week 3 of The Great Tech Call-'Em-Like-You-See-'Em Contest, the contest where you can win one of two iPods, plus 36 other cool prizes.

What's it all about? Well, each week for four weeks we expound on a different theme in a series of short essays by various TechWeb editors and then let our readers take over by submitting their own contributions.

Contest Details

06/16/2005 Podcast Awards
We are very pleased to announce our support and sponsorship for the Podcast Awards.

Categories for the awards include, People's Choice, Best Produced, Top Rated, Sound Seeing, Business, Comedy, Religion/Inspiration and others. Nominations will be accepted through June 30, 2005.

The Awards is a project of Podcast Connect. The Awards ceremony will be held at Podcast Expo in Ontario California November 11-12, 2005.

06/13/2005 New RSS Promotional Graphics
We've recently added new graphics and banners. If you are an affiliate, reseller or just a fan of FeedForAll consider posting one on your website.

06/06/2005 RSS Partners Gain Exposure
Consider becoming a FeedForAll partner.

FeedForAll's Partner program is for software developers that have complimentary product lines. By becoming a partner we are able to utilize resources to co-promote partner applications. If you have a complimentary product line with ties to either RSS, publishing or web development please contact us.

Benefits to becoming an FeedForAll partner:

co-promotion opportunities
bundling opportunities
cross promotion opportunities in newsletters/blogs
publicity and press exposure
exposure on ancilliary site sponsored by NotePage
product sneak peaks
valuable leads and referrals in your area of expertise
promotion on a network of 3rd party sites

As a FeedForAll partner you will be eligible for featured promotion on the industry specific and software specific sites sponsored by NotePage that are deemed appropriate. See our existing partners.


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