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06/27/2007 7 Day Software Highlights FeedForAll
In the modern world of 2007 fewer and fewer people are building the XML representation of an RSS feed  by hand as most blogging and podcasting software now handles this function. However, if you're a software developer, want full control over your feed or you are doing something somewhat out-of-the-ordinary with RSS, as we do at Project Glidepath, you need the tool we use, FeedForAll, which creates, edits, uploads, downloads, and even error checks RSS data; a tremendous time saver.

Created by the folks at NotePage, Inc., a MicroISV based in Hannover, MA, FeedForAll, which is available for both Windows and Mac, is the ultimate tool for hand-rolling RSS feeds. It gracefully handles all of the date-stamp issues (which is a *big* deal), understands all the iTunes XML idiosyncrasies as well as includes a WYSIWYG HTML editor you can use to edit the description fields and even has built-in image editing functions.

06/12/2007 Apple How To Guide for Delivering Content Via RSS
Apple Developer Connection put together a how to guide for developers attempting to navigate podcasting and RSS. The answer to creation according to Apple:

Feed publishers can use a type of application called a generator to create the RSS markup that makes your feed available. FeedForAll, for example, has a wizard that walks you through the creation of RSS feeds, whether you want to publish a plain RSS feed, a podcast feed, or a podcast with iTunes support.

06/11/2007 Educational Podcasting Tutorial
The University of Missouri put together an Educational Podcasting Tutorial on the Apple website. Its a great guide with a great visual map of how podcasting works!

06/08/2007 Universal Binary Version of FeedForAll Mac
NotePage is pleased to announce its Universal Binary version of FeedForAll Mac. FeedForAll Mac is software that allows publishers and webmasters to create, edit and publish: RSS feeds, podcasts and videocasts.
The Universal Binary version of FeedForAll Mac now performs faster on Intel based Macs.

06/05/2007 Best Sound Program for 2007
The Shareware Industry Awards Foundation has announced that RecordForAll is nominated for Best Sound Program or Utility for the year 2007. Since 1992, the Shareware Industry Awards have been honoring and acknowledging the very best software. The Shareware Industry Awards are selected by a group of industry professionals that nominate and vote based on a programs merits. The award winners will be announced July 15, 2007 at the annual Software Industry Conference, held this year in Denver Colorado.

RecordForAll Nomination

05/30/2007 Academia Adds RSS Feeds to Their Teaching Tool Kit
Academia has embraced RSS as a means to educate, but scrutinizing how educational institutions are using RSS feeds in their daily routines show RSS is utilized can vary across different industries.

1. Share Resources
Academics are using social bookmarking websites to share quality websites that relate to their area of expertise with colleagues and students.

Examples of Shared Resources:
Delicious - social bookmarking system, can be setup to use as shared bookmarks, RSS feeds are available
CiteULike - share resources

2. Class Blogs
From elementary schools to university blogs, online journals have flourished. Instructors have used blogging as a teaching tool. Helping students learn writing and reporting skills while understanding how to use technology. Many educational bloggers use RSS as a means to syndicate blog posts.

3. School Schedule Sports Schedule
RSS feeds can be used to communicate events scheduled on or off campus to prospective and existing students. Subscribes of a schools calendar feed receive notification as new items are added to the calendar.

4. Podcast Lectures
Podcasts can be used as study guides or even as class preview for students contemplating their course selections or choice of professors.

Academia Adds RSS Feeds to Their Teaching Tool Kit


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