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Unable to Register Software

Please confirm that the registration key corresponds with the correct version of FeedForAll. If you are infact running FeedForAll and not FeedForAll Mac, the registration key for FeedForAll will not work in FeedForAll Mac and vice versa.

If you have a registration key for the incorrect operating system please email "orders(at)". Include your order number and an explanation.
The easiest way to enter your registration information is to highlight the entire contents of the entire original email message and copy it to your clipboard (ctrl-c). You can then run FeedForAll or FeedForAll Mac, choose the registration option, and then click on the 'Paste registration from clipboard' button.

If you are typing it in manually, please make sure that it is exactly as it appears on the e-mail. The software is extremely case and punctuation sensitive. Email orders(at) if the problem persists.
If you have received a registration key for FeedForAll v2.0 and you are running FeedForAll version 1.0 you will receive an error, when you attempt to register.

The easiest solution is to download FeedForAll version 2.0. If you prefer to use the older version simply email us requesting a replacement FeedForAll version 1.0 key.