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Google Base

Extension: Google Base

Purpose: The Google Base namespace allows for attributes to be added to the RSS feed and can contain additional information related to the content. Feeds using the Google Base namespace allow for bulk uploads to Google Base and Google extracts to appropriate information.

The namespace for Google Base is defined at

<rss version="2.0" xmlns:g="">

Elements: The elements contained in the Google Base namespace are at the <item> level. Tag elements are categorized by data type.

Examples of some attributes include the g: prefix. This prefix is required when including these attributes in your bulk uploads.

The actor tag is used to designate actors in videos.

The minimum age required for an event or information related to the content.

The individual negotiating the real estate sale.

Type of apparel being offered in the feed.

The size of real estate in the feed.

The artist responsible for creating the artwork.

The author of the item

The number of bathrooms available in the real estate item (field should contain a numeric entry).

The number of bedrooms available in the real estate item (field should contain a numeric entry).

The brand name of an item.

The color of an item.

The condition of an item (new, used or refurbished)

ID code associated with class or course.

Time class is in session. (example: <g:course_times>MF 09:30-10:15</g:course_times>)

Currency that the price is presented in, adheres to ISO 4217 format.

Information related to delivery turnaround times.

Maximum delivery distance.

Level of education required for a position.

Company providing employment.

Ethnicity of individual in People profiles.

Ddate that the item expires in ISO 8601 format (YYYY-MM-DD).

Date and time that item expires ISO 8601 format.

Format of the content.

Starting city and state or country.

Gender of individual in a People profile.

Monthly dues paid to homeowners association.

Unique identifier for each item.

Url of an associated image online. Use full-sized image or use thumbnail images. Up to ten image links can be listed between attributes.

Legal residency requirements for job openings.

Interest of peron in People profile.

ISBN number of a book or volume.

The function of an employment position.

Industry of a job position opening.

Type of job position (full-time, part-time, contract)

List of classifications item fall under. Up to ten classifications can be listed.

Information about whether property is available for sale - (true or false).

Can be either an address or longitude/latitude.
Address format: street, city, state, postal code, country
Geo location: lattitude,longitude

Vehicle manufacturer.

Company that manufacturers the item.

Unique ID assigned by manufacturer.

Marital status of individual in People profile.

Resolution of a digital imaging device.

Amount of memory included in item.

Current mileage on a vehicle.

The vehicle model.

Model number of the product.

The name of item being reviewed.

The source of news content.

Industry of the individual in the People profile.

The number of pages in a publication.

Accepted payment methods. (Check, Visa, Mastercard, AmericanExpress, Discover or Wire) include multiple instances for each acceptable payment method.

Additional instructions related to payments.

Information about whether an item is available for pickup (true or false)

Prices can be a single price, 0 represents free or blank if not applicable (numeric value only). When included as sub-attribute of shipping tag the value includes shipping.

The type of pricing (negotiable, starting)

Speed of the processor for the item.

The type of product being offered.

The type of property (house, apartment etc..)

Name of publication.

Volume of publication.

Date item was published in ISO 8601 format YYYY-MM-DD

Number of units available for purchase.

Rating of the product or service on a scale of 1-5 (numeric value only - 5 is the best)

Category of item being reviewed.

The type of rating being provided (editorial/user)

Salary for position (numeric only)

Type of saleary (starting, negoitable)

The school district the property is in.

The type of service being offered (hosting, legal etc..)

Sexual orientation of an individual in People profile.

Dimensions of the item (expressed as either two or three dimensions)

Topic of study for a class or course.

Field of subject that instructions apply to.

Tax rate (listed as a number representing a percentage).

Geographical region a tax rate applies to.

Designation of city, state, country of a trip.

Name of school course is available at.

Product UPC code.

The web page of an item being reviewed.

The type of vehicle (car, motorcycle, truck)

Vehicle Idenitification Number

Weight of the item.

The four digit model year of a car format YYYY

[ more information on Google Base ]
(see the namespace declaration link above for additionally supported variations)


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