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The future-rss.php script is used to automatically delay the publication of Items in an RSS feed. This allows Items in a RSS feed to be created ahead of time, and then slowly released over a period of time. Many people have tried to set the PubDate field on their RSS feed Items to a future date and time, in an attempt to have that particular item become 'visible' to their feed's subscribers on that particular date and time. Unfortunately, they will soon find out that many RSS readers and aggregators don't honor future PubDates, and immediately show all their feed's items. The future-rss.php script 'hides' the future items from RSS feed readers and aggregators, until their PubDate becomes current.

The FutureRSS script only displays items thats dates have passed. Allowing web publishers to prepublish content weeks or even month's in advance, knowing that the content will automatically be displayed at the appropriate time. Publishers can control the publication date, syndicating contents well in advance.

The new FutureRSS script will be made available free of charge to all registered users of FeedForAll and FeedForAll Mac.

Because the resulting page is pure HTML, it will be in a format friendly to search engine robots.

Scripts Directory Access
scripts directory grants access to all RSS scripts currently in the scripts directory
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*free for registered FeedForAll or FeedForAll Mac users. All others must purchase script directory access.
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FutureRSS System Requirements:
Server webserver that supports PHP
Feed RSS 2.0, .93, .92, .91, or .90 feed