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June 8005


Welcome to the latest news from FeedForAll !

FeedForAll Mac Beta
A new release of FeedForAll Mac is available. If you are interested in beta testing, discounts coupons will be made available to testers for the registered version.

RSS Industry News
We recently attended the Syndicate Conference in New York City.

Major industry announcements at the Syndicate Conference included:

- Newsgator's acquisition of FeedDemon
- Google's beta launch of AdSense for RSS feeds
- announced they will carry streaming video content from Reuters
- Bloglines announced they will offer weather forecasts
- Pheedo will license RSS ad-serving technology to Transcosmo
- New York Times announced they would be charging for online access to op-ed and columnists.

IDG deemed the Syndicate Conference a success and has planned a west coast event for December 12-14, 2005 at the Argent Hotel in San Francisco, CA.

The Syndicate Conference afforded us the opportunity to network with potential partners and discuss the direction that RSS is moving. We are hoping to introduce customers to some complimentary products in the near future.


New Article
Tips for Blogs
There are no hard and fast rules on how to blog. Having said that, bloggers will likely increase their exposure by following some simple blog guidelines.

Submit Topic Specific Feeds
If you have topic specific feeds consider submitting them to the following niche RSS portals:

Finance Investing - - directory of financial and investment related feeds.

Security Protection - - directory of security and protection and related feeds.


Submit General Feeds
RSS Network -
RSS Network, is located at . Search results can be viewed in XML format, or in a more readable HTML webpage format. Unlike similar search engines, RSS Network allows site vistitors to choose to search the item contents or just the feeds title and description, for keywords. The results displayed denote both feeds, and items in feeds, that meet the specified search criteria.


RSS Locator - a searchable RSS directory currently accepting feed submissions.

Download the The Real Business Case for RSS PDF and really begin to understand the power of RSS. The detailed PDF is 29 pages long and really is a great introduction to RSS, detailing why every business should find a way to integrate RSS into their existing communication channel.


Podcasting Articles
Tools for Podcasting

Podcasting is increasing in popularity and, realizing that many are interested in providing audio content in a podcast, we have assembled a collection of tools that make creation, promotion and listening to podcasts a little easier.


Submit Podcasts
Podcasting Station - Podcasting Station is a new categorized directory of podcasts. The new site at makes it easy for individuals or businesses curious about podcasts, to find the latest podcast feeds in a single convenient and easy to navigate location.

FeedForAll Nominated for Best Internet Communication Software
The Shareware Industry Awards Foundation announced that FeedForAll has been nominated for Best Internet Communication Application for the year 2005. The Shareware Industry Awards are selected by a group of industry professionals that nominate and vote based on a programs merits. The award winners will be announced July 16, 2005 at the annual Shareware Industry Conference.

We'd like to thank you for your continued support. It is through customer support and your suggestions that we've been able to continually improve the NotePage product line.

Thank you for your continued support!

FeedForAll team