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January 2015


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Podcasts and Copyrights
Podcasting has a very low barrier to entry; all you need is audio recording software and a means of creating an RSS feed, be it through software or manual work. As a result, just about anyone can podcast, and the quality of podcasts is therefore highly variable; there are professional podcasts that rival professional broadcasts in quality, and there are amateur podcasts that can't even be heard clearly. For this reason, copyright infringement leeches, often unwittingly, into a number of podcasts. To produce a successful podcast, it is important to understand and respect Western copyright laws. To help ensure that these things are done, we have compiled some information about podcasts, music, and copyright law.

Royalty Free Tracks

Sound effects are an important part of entertainment, often comprising an integral part of vidoes, games, podcasts, movies, and animations. However, the costs and conditions associated with acquiring and using sound effects may be prohibitive for many rising creators of media.


Why Over Sharing Might Be Hurting You
We all know someone who divulges a little too much information on the Internet. Whether it's the friend who Instagrams every meal or the relative who constantly posts updates on how Fido's doing, this phenomenon seems well on its way to pervading all the social media we use. Maybe you have even caught yourself posting a bit too much. While something that everyone seems to be doing may appear harmless enough, oversharing can have some negative consequences of which all social media users should take note.


10 Things Your Phone Can Do in Emergencies

While most smart phone owners are acquainted with the helpfulness of features such as navigation apps and mobile broadband, many people have yet to discover the array of uses they may put their phones to in the event of a true emergency. We have compiled a list of 10 things your phone can do in an emergency to shed light on this exciting and important realm of development:


Crowdsourcing and Social Media: Their Real Impact
It seems that our society is growing ever more dependent on social media; more and more people are joining social networking giants such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and more such websites and applications are springing up to meet the rising demand for them. As society and culture continue this turn towards technology, so do the operations of society, especially through crowdsourcing.


Is It Time to Update Your Business Card
To succeed in today's world, one must adapt to today's developments, including the ever-expanding implementation of technology. One small way to do this is to modernize your business card; because the means by which businesses communicate have expanded, you may want to rethink what is included on your business cards. By doing this, you can unite your offline marketing with your online marketing efforts. Below are a number of tips for updating your card.


RSS Education Center
Great information for learning how to utilize RSS feeds and podcasts to benefit your business.

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RSS Education Center
Great information for learning how to utilize RSS feeds and podcasts to benefit your business.

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