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February 2011


Welcome to FeedForAll News.
Welcome to latest news from FeedForAll.

Audio Recording Video Tutorials on iTunes
Audio recording video tutorials on iTunes -

Speed up RSS2HTML
If you want to speed up your implementation of the RSS2HTML PHP Script consider using RSS Cache.

Running RecordForAll & FeedForAll on Windows 7
Considering installing Windows 7? Here is a step by step tutorial to install RecordForAll on Windows 7.

Ins and Outs of Sitemaps

These sitemaps are not difficult to create. Google, Bing, and Yahoo all use a standard sitemap protocol. The larger search engines accept sitemaps in an xml file, and Google goes a step further by accepting them as .txt files or as an RSS feed.

How Subscribe to an RSS Feed
There are generally two different kinds of tools that allow visitors to subscribe to RSS feeds. These tools are known as aggregators, or RSS news readers. As the content of an RSS feed changes, the RSS reader/aggregator will update itself automatically and display the new RSS feed items.

How to Submit to Podcasts to iTunes Music Store
Here are some helpful tips regarding how to get your podcasts listed in the iTunes Music Store...

Blog Posting Tips
Coming up with ideas for new blog posts on a regular basis can be a challenge, even for the most prolific writers. Experience shows that readers tend to favor certain types of posts more than others. Here are some popular types of blog posts that you might want to use for those times when inspiration simply does not strike.

Resolve to Grow Your Business
Ten simple steps to help grow your business throughout the coming year.

FeedForAll Gear
How much do you love FeedForAll and RecordForAll? Get your self some FeedForAll and RecordForAll branded gear.

Green Tip
Install timers and or motion sensors that automatically shut off lights after hours or when they are not needed.

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