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November 2009


Welcome to FeedForAll News.
Welcome to latest news from FeedForAll.

New Video Tutorials

We have compiled a series of videos to assist customers with utilizing various features in both FeedForAll and RecordForAll.


Expanded Educational Sections
We have also added an educational section to the FeedForAll and RecordForAll websites. The education section contains educational articles, tutorials, videos and other tools maybe helpful.

FeedForAll on Twitter
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Digital Sound Effects
Royalty free sound effects for podcasters or broadcasters available for as little as $.99.

Tips to Optimize Video Podcasts - Part I
It does not matter what you call them: vodcasts, vidcasts, videocasting, or video podcasting... there are a few behind-the-scenes actions you can take to help attract more attention to your video productions. Just like websites, it does not matter how amazing the content is if interested people are unable to find it.

Video Optimization - Part II
The growth of video on the web has exploded in recent years. Competitors will leave you in the dust if you fail to adapt and provide the medium your customers are exploring. Keep in mind that simply having a video is not enough! To make the most of your video content, you should take steps to optimize the video and increase your exposure.

Increase Productivity
Small business owners frequently juggle a variety of roles within their companies. Creating a balance and effectively managing available time is extremely important to most small businesses. In order to economize and make the most of the available time, you should implement a time management plan.

Green Tips NotePage Green Efforts
NotePage is an eco-friendly business. In recent years, we have made a number of changes in an effort to become a more environmentally-friendly and conscientious business. Here are just a few of the things that NotePage has done in our effort to become a more "green" business...

Thank you for your continued interest, suggestions and support for the FeedForAll Product line.
FeedForAll team