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September 2009


Welcome to FeedForAll News.
Welcome to latest news from FeedForAll.

New RecordForAll
A new version of RecordForAll is now available. The new version is available for download.

New Video Tutorials

We have compiled a series of videos to assist customers with utilizing various features in both FeedForAll and RecordForAll. Please check our new videos!


Updated RSS2HTML Script has been updated. The updates are minor and improve the RSS2HTML scripts functionality.


New Educational Section
We have also added an educational section to the FeedForAll and RecordForAll websites. The education section contains educational articles, tutorials, videos and other tools maybe helpful.

FeedForAll on Twitter

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Hallmarks of a Good Podcast

There are many, many things that separate a "good" podcast from all the rest. Here are a few to consider...

Sound Effects: The Power of Audio
Sound effects are often used to compliment and enhance artistic presentations, whether they be podcasts, videos, or other audio visual productions. Royalty-free sound effects are typically non-exclusive and can be used by anyone who purchases them. Professional sound effects can give a podcast or production a more professional sound. However, many new producers may not realize that sound effects have copyrights, and in many cases it is illegal to use a sound effect that you happen to find on the web without properly licensing it.

Tips for Business Podcasting

Regardless of the size of your business, or whether your company is public, private, a government agency, or a non-profit... there is little doubt that you should consider podcasting. Podcasting is a 21st century medium, and has proven that it is far more than just a passing fad.

Re-Using Content

Repurposing content is not a terribly new concept. Webmasters that picked up on the trend have benefited from traffic surges for a while now.

Increase RSS Feed Subscribers
Growing subscribers of your RSS feed will expand your reach. Put the appropriate effort into marketing your RSS feed, so you can increase adoption and spread the message contained in the RSS feed.

Green Tips
NotePage recognizes that all businesses can have a direct or indirect impact on their local, regional, and global environment. As a result NotePage, Inc. has developed a Green Policy in order to minimize their environmental impact.

Thank you for your continued interest, suggestions and support for the FeedForAll Product line.
FeedForAll team