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February 2009


Welcome to FeedForAll News.
Welcome to latest news from FeedForAll.

New Version of RSS2HTML
We have updated and released a new version of RSS2HTML.
RSS2HTML Release Notes -

FeedForAll Support Tips
When preparing to upload your feed for the first time, be sure to check with your website's host to make sure that the link to your feed is valid.

Broken links reduce traffic and are easy to fix! When creating new content for your feeds, be sure to keep your descriptions short and informative.

Long descriptions can be useful but shorter descriptions are perfect for an RSS Feed.

Having trouble with one of our PHP scripts?

Visit our forum: Our extended support community may already have the answer you need!

New Retail Packaging
You may notice that the FeedForAll product line has a new look the retail software is now available in slick DVD cases. Customers We were very pleased to find that FeedForAll is used in more than 74 countries! FeedForAll truly reaches into all corners of the globe.

Suggested Websites
Web Design Elements - Collections that include photos, web templates and logos - includes holiday themes too!


Article Suggestions
Best Search Marketing Blogs
Attempting to stay current on the latest search engine algorithm changes or search optimization tactics can be overwhelming for webmasters attempting to juggle it all. With this in mind, we've put together a list of the industry's best Search Marketing blogs.

Business Mistakes to Avoid

Small businesses and entrepreneurs often repeat the same mistakes. If you are an entrepreneur, the following is a list of critical mistakes to avoid in your new venture.

Logo Concepts
A logo concept is more than just an affinity for a specific character. Logos represent a company's brand, and as a result, serious thought and consideration should be put into your logo. Before hand be sure to consider, how the logo will represent your organization and consider the thoughts that will be associated with specific images that you consider for your logo. Does the logo embody traits that can or should be associated with your business? If your company is global, will the image transcend borders or will some of your customers find the image offensive and distasteful?

Effective Podcasting Tips
The planning and work that takes place before and after a podcast is an important part for a professional show. Do not neglect preparation or post-show production tasks.

Social Bookmarking Tips
It can be tricky to predict what content will perform well on social bookmarking websites. The interests of our democratic populace are widespread and constantly changing. Webpages, podcasts, and images which are deemed more newsworthy, humorous, or intriguing often steal the spotlight. Knowing how to present content on social bookmarking websites can help internet marketers stand out.



We are pleased to sponsor this year's Software Industry Conference. The conference will be held in Boston July 16-18th, 2009. If you are attending please let us know, we would love to meet you!

Thank you for your continued interest, suggestions and support for the FeedForAll Product line.
FeedForAll team