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January 2008


Welcome to FeedForAll News.

2007 FeedForAll a Year in Review
2007 has been a busy year for our FeedForAll developers at NotePage. I thought I would take a moment to recap some of the accomplishments our team has managed. New version of FeedForAll released. The year started off with a new version of FeedForAll being released.

New Audio Recording for Podcasters
In 2007 our team launched audio recording software specifically for podcasters.

After receiving a number of queries from customers about auto-discovery we decided to simplify the process. We created a new autodiscovery tool that will create the code for the header of a webpage.

Announced an iPod Tutorial
Our FeedForAll team put together an iPod Tutorial to help figure out their iPod's features.


Combining the power of FeedForAll and RecordForAll we bundled both solutions and offered them at a discounted price.
Podcasting Bundle -

RSS2HTML Template Expansion
Our web development team expanded the RSS2HTML template directory and added logo templates to the collection. Logo Templates added to Template Directory -

RSS Scripts Updated
All of the RSS Scripts in the Scripts Directory were updated and enhanced based on customer suggestions.

RSS Development Tool
Free FeedForDev, a tool for imbedding RSS feeds into software applications is made available to customers free of charge.

New Filtering Script

The development team added a new RSSFilter script to the RSS Scripts directory.

Award Winning
RecordForAll is voted the Best Sound Program for the year 2007. FeedForAll Mac A new version of FeedForAll Mac universal binary is released.

As you can see it has been a very busy year. We have lots of plans coming up for 2008 and hope to stay at the forefront in the RSS industry with some new and innovative products and implementations. Thank you for your continued support and interest in the FeedForAll product line. Happy new year to you and yours!

Thank you for your continued interest, suggestions and support for the FeedForAll Product line.
FeedForAll team