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April 2007


Welcome to FeedForAll News.

Updated RSS Scripts
All the RSS Scripts in the RSS Directory have been updated. The release notes for each show the details of the changes, check to make sure you are running the latest versions.


Reminder - RecordForAll Audio Recording for Podcasters
If you have not yet checked it out RecordForAll is getting rave reviews from the experts. RecordForAll is an easy to use desktop program for audio recording and editing. It was designed specifically for podcasters and can be used in conjunction with FeedForAll to create podcasts. An evaluation version of RecordForAll can be downloaded at:


Podcasting Bundle
The bundle includes RecordForAll, FeedForAll and a subscription to the RSS Scripts Directory!


Looking for Innovative RSS Ideas?
Learn how these companies are using RSS as part of their marketing strategies. We have compiled a number of white papers that detail how RSS is being used


FeedForDev is Free
FeedForDev an RSS component and/or ActiveX control is now available free of charge. FeedForDev allows software developers to actively communicate with users from within their software using RSS Feeds! Contact us and we will provide a free registration key that can be entered into the trial version.


New Webmaster Portals
Logo Search
Webmasters can subscribe to the directory and recieve unlimited access to download web logos for only $99.00 or single logos can be purchased for $19.99.


iPod Tutorial
The free iPod tutorial explains the differences between the iPod models. It also deciphers the technical jargon used on websites to explain the iPods various features and functions.


RSS Articles
13 Tips to Maintaining an RSS Feed Subscriber Base
You have an RSS feed and you have worked hard to get the word out. According to your logs you have subscribers! Now the hard part: how to retain the subscribers to your RSS feed. Follow these simple steps to insure that your subscriber base will grow.


Audio Recording Tips
Before you begin podcasting develop a plan and a format for your show. Determine the focus of your podcast and what types of guests you would like to interview. Time spent planning your show will contribute to it's success.


Podcasting Do's and Don'ts
Consider following these simple podcasting tips to get the most from your podcast and make it stand out from other podcasts in the crowd.


Monetizing Podcasts
Monetizing Podcasts show hosts, who had not ventured into radio broadcasting as a way to show their stuff and make a name for themselves. What started as a hobby for many, has turned into a lucrative profession for some. Not surprisingly, podcasters, just like radio stations, have looked for ways to profit from their on-air dialogue.


Making Your Podcast Standout
Podcasts are becoming more and more commonplace, distinguish your podcast by polishing it and properly publicizing it.

Thank you for your continued interest, suggestions and support for the FeedForAll Product line.
FeedForAll team