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October 2006


Welcome to the latest news from FeedForAll!

New FeedForAll v2 Beta Released

It is finally here! A new beta release of FeedForAll has been released the latest beta includes iTunes support, auto-detects the mime types, and a host of other features. Get the latest download!


SQL2RSS has joined the RSS Scripts Directory. THe new PHP script will allow you to create RSS feeds from MySQL databases. When using SQL2RSS the publisher has complete control over the content in the resulting RSS feed. Administrators and publishers control the database query which allows them the flexibility to determine what data is inserted into the RSS feeds from the database.


New Script Versions
We have released new versions of both the rss2html and RSSmesh are avaialble. Make sure that you are using the latest ones!


New Logo Templates
A group of rss2html logo templates have been added to the RSS2HTML template directory. The new logo templates take presentation of RSS feeds in an HTML web page a step further, by adding a graphical image to the layout. New templates are added to the template directory on a regular basis so be sure to check out the newest templates.


RSS & Podcasting Knowledgebase
A New Podcasting Knowledgebase has been added to the FeedForAll website. The podcasting knowledgebase at joins the current RSS knowledgebase available at


RSS feed for Podcasting Knowledgebase - RSS feed for the RSS Knowledgebase -


RSS Tutorials
We have added a series of video tutorials for FeedForAll Mac. Our Mac developers have been working to add new video tutorials every few weeks so be sure to stay tuned.


New MIME Type Extensions
If you are creating a podcast or video feed you will need to include the appropriate mime type, the proper format is indicated below.


Free Social Bookmarking Tool
New! Free social bookmarking chicklet creator. Social bookmarking has quickly become a popular way for frequent internet users to share their favorite websites with the public. Having a website added to a bookmark directory can increase traffic significantly. Bookmark chicklets are a newer creation that help remind those viewing a website to add it to the social bookmarking directories. It makes the bookmarking process easier for those who have found a website that is a good source of information or services.

The tool is easy to use for even novice web designers. It can also be used to add chicklets to blogs. Creating the chicklets is instantaneous when using this tool. It is a free service available to anyone. For more information or to use the tool visit


New Article(s)
RSS Feed Tips to Help with SEO

RSS feeds are a great communication medium, and when properly managed, web feeds can bring in significant Internet traffic. RSS feeds should contain compelling themed content with episodic titles that are united in common broad theme. Use RSS feeds as an online marketing and search engine optimization tool. Just as optimizing an HTML web page will increase exposure, so too will an RSS feed that is properly optimized and promoted. Use these simple tips to improve your web feed exposure.


Webmaster Tips
According to Matt Cutts, there are over 100 factors that affect search engine ranking. For those of you who don't know, Matt is a Google guy guru, he is employed by Google but writes an independent blog and shares information related to Google and search engine optimization. Unfortunately, of those 100 items that account for search engine ranking, there are only a few that webmasters can actually control.


New RSS Directories
Be sure to check out these new vertical RSS directories:
Medical Feeds -
Security Feeds -

Webmasters Realizing that many of our readers our webmasters we thought we would share some of our favorite webmaster resources:

Small Business Tips -

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