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April 2006


Welcome to the latest news from FeedForAll!

A New FeedForAll Mac v2 Beta
A new beta of FeedForAll Mac has been released. The beta version of FeedForAll Mac now supports unified publishing. Publish the feed, all enclosures, images, and other files at the same time to FTP, .Mac, or servers on your local network. This feature also supports publishing the feed in a variety of export formats and publishing an OPML list.

- The Creative Commons and Track Back extensions have been added to the list of supported Extensions (XML Namespaces) when creating Feeds and Podcasts. FeedForAll Mac supports adding metadata elements for iTunes, Microsoft Simple List Extensions (cf), Dublin Core (dc), Syndication (sy), Content, and Media RSS (media) as well.

- Add the ability to generate a unique GUID. Add a preferences option to automatically generate a unique GUID.

- Add support for multiple categories, as allowed by the RSS 2.0 spec. ~ Create a backup of the current XML file before saving.

- Add search and replace to the feed.

- Add search and replace to the XML Source Editor.

- Import items from other feeds. FeedForAll Mac uses a new advanced import feature allowing the user greater control over the items imported.

- FeedForAll Mac now has OPML capabilities. This includes the ability to create a simple OPML list or blogroll of the feeds that you work with in FeedForAll Mac.

- In addition to being able to specify an XSL file, now a CSS file can be specified for controlling the display of feed contents.

RSS Scripts Directory
We have recieved access requests from customers interested the various scripts we have compiled. Registered users of FeedForAll and FeedForAll Mac have free access to the scripts directory. We've added an additional access options for users who do not use FeedForAll. Access to the RSS Scripts Directory is available for a flat fee of $ 29.95. The scripts directory currently contains RSS Cache, FutureRSS, RSSmesh, and of course rss2html.php

The RSS Scripts Directory Contains:
rss2html Cache
RSS Cache is now included in the scripts directory. FeedForAll is pleased to announce the release of rss2html Cache. This new module allows users of the rss2html.php script the ability to have their source RSS feeds cached, significantly speeding up the web page display time. The new rss2html Cache module will expedite the retrieval and conversion of RSS feeds into html web pages. Once the feed is cached it will be read from the local hard drive for a specified amount of time. After the specified time has lapsed, the RSS feed will be fetched again. The script is available free of charge to all registered users of FeedForAll and FeedForAll Mac.

New RSSmesh
RSSmesh is a script that enables webmasters to merge the contents of multiple RSS feeds into a single feed.

New FutureRSS
FutureRSS is a PHP script that enables webmasters to prepare content for their RSS feeds in advance, and have it automatically appear at the desired date and time. The FutureRSS script can be used with any RSS 2.0 feed, and allows content to be 'scheduled' to appear in the feed weeks, or even months later. Webmasters have found, to their dismay, that most RSS feed reader applications, and feed aggregator applications do not honor Publish Dates (PubDate) that are set into the future, making it impossible to prepare content in their RSS feeds ahead of time.

The FutureRSS script solves this problem, by not making any of the RSS feed's Items available until their PubDate becomes current. The new FutureRSS script will be made available free of charge to all registered users of FeedForAll and FeedForAll Mac. Additional details are available at:

Namespace Directory
Namespace allow publishers to expand upon the fields defined by the RSS specfication. We have created a directory of RSS 2.0 namespace extensions. This will help users looking to expand their RSS functionality.

New Article(s)
Realtors and RSS
Daily more and more realtors are turning to RSS as a tool to market homes for sale. The growing RSS phenomenon in the realty market makes perfect sense. Unlike email RSS feeds have a 100% delivery rate. In addition the costs involved in creating and managing an RSS feed are insignificant when compared to the print advertising Realtors spend on each week. Imagine the amount spent each week to promote various properties in circulars and weekly newspapers, compared to the costs associated with updating and managing an RSS feed.

Monetizing RSS Feeds

Publishers are evaluating options and determining how they can profit from RSS feeds. The two obvious contenders that publishers are considering to profit from their RSS feeds are: subscription RSS feeds and RSS feed advertisements.


Organic Search Engine Optimization
The fabled tales of successfully tricking search engines into high rankings have given way to a new truth: to achieve decent consistent ranking, you cannot engage in tricks but on focused optimization done in a professional ethical manner. According to search sources, with the latest Google update, there is no longer an even playing field when it comes to search placement. The new Google ranking system gives an advantage to large, established businesses that have achieved brand recognition. Does this mean small businesses should give up on the Web as a marketing model? No, of course not, they simply must develop quality content.

Delicious RSS
Delicious is a social bookmarking system, that is notable, not only for its unusual web address, but for its unusual approach to content building that is becoming increasingly popular. In order to ease the burden of producing consistent stream of fresh content, publishers are turning to users to build, categorize and qualify content. While this is said to be part of the web 2.0 phenomenon, publishers realize the value of collaboration.


Expanded Whitepapers
How are you using RSS? Care to be profiled? We are expanding the white papers section at: and are looking to talk to users about RSS innovation. Help us tell your story! Contact us at

We'd like to thank you for your continued support. It is through customer support and your suggestions that we've been able to continually improve the NotePage product line.
Thank you for your continued support!
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