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RSS Feed Creation Tips

1.) Title - The title should really be no longer than 10-12 words. Use the title as a headline to attract interest.

2.) Description - Descriptions are generally summaries, provide additional information to entice the reader to click through for the full information if it is a topic that is of interest to them. Provide enough teaser copy that they can easily discern if its something that is important to them.

3.) Subscribe - This might seem obvious but a surprisingly large number of publishers do not subscribe to their own feed. This is a great way to visualize what your customers see, and experiment with formatting and integrating html into feeds.

4.) Image - An image adds so much to the feed, identify your corporate image and dress up the look of your feed by adding your corporate logo.

5.) Trim
- As the size of files increase you may want to trim or archive older feed items. Smaller feeds will load quicker.