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01/28/2008 Big Software Discounts
New Software Deal of the Day Website is a new site that offers software applications at a significantly reduced price for only twenty-four hours. Each day a new software deal is available. If you cannot resist a great deal then is for you! features popular software titles. The software discounts range from 10-90% off of list prices, and the software is only available at that price for twenty-four hours! also contains second chance offers. The second chance offers are still discounted and designed for those that miss the deal of the day offer, but the second chance offer is not as deeply discounted as the deal of the day offer.

Many of the software applications on the website even have trial versions available, which allows website visitors to try the software prior to making a purchase decision. Interested visitors can preview the applications that will be available on the Software-DOD website for the coming week. Additionally, deals are easy to monitor because RSS feeds are available that contain the daily specials, the second chance offers, and a preview of applications that will be featured on the website.

Other webmasters and publishers can also syndicate the Software Deal of the Day offers, and integrate the discount offers into their own websites. provides the RSS tools to make the integration process painless for webmasters. The offers will dynamically update each night as the new offers become available. Providing such great software deals are sure to endear webmasters to their website visitors.

01/23/2008 Etiquette and Guidelines for RSS Feeds
We felt it would be helpful to provide general guidelines for those constructing an RSS 2.0 feed. In general, the following are guidelines for constructing an RSS feed. It is good to get into the habit of validating the RSS feed, either with software, or with an online validator.

Etiquette and Guidelines for RSS Feeds

01/21/2008 FeedForAll Mac is an Essential Client Side Application
Blog post about how a user survived when their MacBook went down and the apps that were a necessity!

There WERE some client-side applications I needed to install locally and use, however, to continue working, processing information, and publishing media. (hint: one of the critical applications was FeedForAll Mac!)

01/08/2008 Internet Marketing Resolutions
Starting a New Year is all about self-reflecting. Most individuals celebrate the incoming year by looking back, determining what goals were met and what goals fell short. Most who have made past resolutions then look forward and resolve to do better in the coming year.

Like any Internet marketer, I have a long laundry list of things that I intend to get to... invariably each year the list grows longer, and rarely do I make any significant headway on new projects, ideas, or marketing techniques. I resolve for that to change in 2008! I have compiled a list of Internet Marketing resolutions for the coming year. If your list is already too long, consider saving time and using the list below.

Internet Marketing Resolutions

01/03/2008 What is Hot and What is Not in 2008 - Besides RSS
Of course RSS and syndication is hot, but lets look at a few other technology predictions for 2008!

Top 10 Winners Predicted for 2008
1. Video
2. Healthy
3. Long Tail
4. Buy USA
5. Rich Internet / Interactive Web / Semantic Web / Web Services
6. Aggregate and Attention Data
7. Power of the People
8. Going Green
9. Biometrics and Big Brother
10. Prosthetics / Bionic

Top 10 Losers Predicted for 2008
1. Lead
2. Squat Toilets
3. DRM
4. China
5. Skinny is Out
6. Blockbuster / Netflix
7. Orbo
8. MySpace fell to Facebook
9. Privacy
10. Piracy

What is Hot and What is Not in Technology for 2008

01/01/2008 Technology in 2008
The lens through which viewers receive their news has changed. The images of struggle are no longer frozen in time; technology has helped preserve and personalize these conflicts by producing moving tributes to the conflicts of humankind.

The strife and internal conflicts that marred the globe in 2006 continued into 2007: Mynamar (Burma), Palestine and Lebanon all continue to struggle with internal conflicts in their borders. The differences between 2006 and 2007 are not obvious; however, under close examination, it is evident that several external struggles have been transformed into internal conflicts. In 2006, many countries attempted to influence their neighbors. This was evident with Iran attempting to influence the turmoil in Iraq, and Syria attempting to control Lebanon. Both struggles have evolved into internal personal conflicts in 2007.

While video is not a new technology, the spread of video-viewing technology in devices like the iPod has brought the faces of terror into the homes of the western world. Advances in technology have also encouraged the West to open both their hearts and wallets, with many sponsoring children like Youseff, a child with a horribly scarred face. The same technology that brought Youssef's story to millions of homes, also helped bring tragedies like the Virginia Tech massacres.

In 2007, the heavy reliance on technology forced censorship and spying to the forefront of concerns. Many western countries accused the communist nation, China, of cyber snooping and hacking. Also, Russia did not remain unscathed in 2007, with widespread suspicion and accusations following the death of Alexander Litvinenko in late 2006. On a more positive note, North Korea seems to have complacently agreed to nuclear compliance.

Technology in 2008

01/01/2008 FeedForAll A Year in Review
2007 FeedForAll a Year in Review
2007 has been a busy year for our FeedForAll developers at NotePage. I thought I would take a moment to recap some of the accomplishments our team has managed.

New version of FeedForAll released.
The year started off with a new version of FeedForAll being released.

New Audio Recording for Podcasters
In 2007 our team launched audio recording software specifically for podcasters.

After receiving a number of queries from customers about auto-discovery we decided to simplify the process. We created a new autodiscovery tool that will create the code for the header of a webpage.

Announced an iPod Tutorial
Our FeedForAll team put together an iPod Tutorial to help figure out their iPod's features.

Combining the power of FeedForAll and RecordForAll we bundled both solutions and offered them at a discounted price.
Podcasting Bundle -

RSS2HTML Template Expansion
Our web development team expanded the RSS2HTML template directory and added logo templates to the collection.
Logo Templates added to Template Directory -

RSS Scripts Updated
All of the RSS Scripts in the Scripts Directory were updated and enhanced based on customer suggestions.

RSS Development Tool Free
FeedForDev, a tool for imbedding RSS feeds into software applications is made available to customers free of charge.

New Filtering Script
The development team added a new RSSFilter script to the RSS Scripts directory.

Award Winning
RecordForAll is voted the Best Sound Program for the year 2007.

FeedForAll Mac
A new version of FeedForAll Mac universal binary is released.

As you can see it has been a very busy year. We have lots of plans coming up for 2008 and hope to stay at the forefront in the RSS industry with some new and innovative products and implementations.

Thank you for your continued support and interest in the FeedForAll product line.

Happy new year to you and yours!


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