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Content Namespace Extension

Extension: Content

Extension Name: content

Purpose: The purpose of the Content namespace is to include the actual content of websites in an RSS feed.

The name space for Content is defined at

<rss version="2.0" xmlns:content="">

Elements: Elements are supported by RSS 2.0 at both the <channel> and <item> level.

<content:encoded> can appear in both the <channel> and <item> levels. It typically contains an enhanced version of the channel or item's description. This is typically an HTML version of the description that is either entity encoded or CDATA escaped.

<!-- Snipped for Brevity -->

<title>FeedForAll Content </title>
<description>Content is a namespace</description>
<content:encoded> <![CDATA[ insert html ]]> </content:encoded>
<!--Snipped for Brevity-->