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07/26/2007 Logos for RSS2HTML Templates
If you are in search of logos to use in the RSS2HTML Template directory, take a look at Logo Search. Logos are available for as little as $ 9.95.

07/25/2007 Best Sound Program for 2007
RecordForAll, audio recording and editing software for podcasters, took home top honors at the recent 2007 Shareware Industry Awards ceremony, by recieiving the award for the Best Sound Program. The Shareware Industry Awards are the Oscars of the software industry, recognizing outstanding software programs sold utilizing a marketing method that allows users to try the software prior to making a purchase decision.

The Shareware Industry Awards were announced in an awards ceremony at the Software Industry Conference held in Denver, Colorado.

RecordForAll competed for the coveted prize against ALSong by ESTsoft, D'Accord iChords by DAccord Music Software and Winamp Pro by NullSoft. RecordForAll emerged as the overall winner collecting the largest number of votes in the Best Sound Program category.

07/19/2007 RecordForAll Wins Best Recording Software for 2007
We are very pleased to announce that RecordForAll has been awarded the Best Sound Program for the year 2007.

07/09/2007 Syndicating Inventory
While syndicating inventory is not a new concept, as it feeds for Amazon and eBay have been available for quite some time we are seeing more and more specialty houses offer RSS feeds for their stock.

Taking it a step further if RSS is not something your storefront currently offers consider using a script like SQL2RSS to create an inventory feed. It will update realtime and show only what is available in the database.

07/09/2007 FeedBurner is Giving it Away
As part of its acquisition by Google, Feedburner is now offering several of its Pro features at no additional cost. Both the MyBrand tool, and TotalStats, a tool which allows you to see the number of people who have viewed or clicked items in your feed, are now available to everyone for free.

07/03/2007 Lawyers and RSS Feeds
Lawyers have begun using RSS to stay ahead and adapt to the needs of their clients. Members of the legal profession are using RSS in very specific ways. RSS is more than simply a communication medium to lawyers, it is helping them filter information that is relevant to their practice and case load. Through RSS they are able to gain access to relevant information in a timely fashion.

Lawyers and RSS Feeds

07/02/2007 Search Engine Watch Talks About Video Optimization
Search Engine Watch posts a technical article about video optimization and endorses FeedForAll.

Many articles have been written on marketing and optimization strategies for online video. But for video search marketers to be able to use any of these tactics efficiently, they must first have knowledge of some key technical aspects involving online video and search.

This article will provide some video optimization and viral linking tips focused on the technical aspects of all four work steps associated with video projects: plan, produce, promote, and prove.

Video Optimization Article

06/27/2007 7 Day Software Highlights FeedForAll
In the modern world of 2007 fewer and fewer people are building the XML representation of an RSS feed  by hand as most blogging and podcasting software now handles this function. However, if you're a software developer, want full control over your feed or you are doing something somewhat out-of-the-ordinary with RSS, as we do at Project Glidepath, you need the tool we use, FeedForAll, which creates, edits, uploads, downloads, and even error checks RSS data; a tremendous time saver.

Created by the folks at NotePage, Inc., a MicroISV based in Hannover, MA, FeedForAll, which is available for both Windows and Mac, is the ultimate tool for hand-rolling RSS feeds. It gracefully handles all of the date-stamp issues (which is a *big* deal), understands all the iTunes XML idiosyncrasies as well as includes a WYSIWYG HTML editor you can use to edit the description fields and even has built-in image editing functions.


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