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Affiliate Program for FeedForAll and FeedForAll Mac

When a user clicks on a banner or button or link from your site to NotePage's affiliate software site the link is tracked. Even if the user purchases months later the purchase will be credited to the your organization.

It is really that simple. It costs nothing to join, there is no risk, and it really works. Not only can you earn revenue, but since the software can be downloaded and tried before purchase it is a terrific way to at add content to an existing website.

As a convenience to our partners NotePage supports two affiliate programs for FeedForAll. Both affiliate programs use a wrapper technology which ensures that all affiliates are compensated for any referrals that result in a sale.

Sign-up for FeedForAll's Affiliate Program.
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eSellerate's Affiliate Program Commission on all referrals that result in a sale.

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RegNow's Affiliate Program Commission on all referrals that result in a sale.

How Does it Work? - Three Simple Steps
Sign Up Setup an account with either eSellerate or RegNow, and sign-up as an affiliate for FeedForAll. Once your application is approved you will receive a confirmation e-mail.
Add Links Add links and FeedForAll's breathtaking graphics to your website. Begin promotion of FeedForAll.
Cash Checks Wait for the checks to come in.

Answers to Commonly Asked Affiliate Questions:

How much will I earn?

Affiliates earn a commission on each sale they generate. Commissions provided to affiliates are 20% of the total order.
What if they don't purchase right away? The beauty of the affiliate programs that FeedForAll uses are that downloads are wrapped with a unique identifier so that if the customer purchases at a later time the purchase is still credited to the referrer.
How do I get paid? NotePage uses a RegNow and eSellerate both 3rd party affiliate management services, once an account is established with the affiliate providers, you can check account statistics at any time to see how much you are earning on a daily basis. Checks are sent 30 to you from RegNow and eSellerate.
How can I promote FeedForAll? You can promote your affiliate url through banner, button or text links on your website. Additionally if you maintain an opt-in newsletter you can reference the url in it. Spamming is frowned upon and not an effective method in generating quality referrals. Any affiliates found spamming will be have their affiliate status removed.